Types of flooring

Flooring refers to the enclosing surface that is found within a building. It might be part of the structure of the floor likes the upper area of s concrete slab or even floorboards; it primarily covers the floor. Flooring can also be used to mean the process of laying down flooring materials. We have different types of flooring materials which include the following:


Timber flooring is a type of flooring that is most appealing to people. Many people like this kind of flooring due to their durability and their different aesthetic features, although timber flooring can be unsuitable in rooms that are exposed to moisture or humidity.


This is the other type of flooring material that is also loved due to their unique appearance and durability. It is made up of compressed fiberboard that is covered with material or image or timber stone tiles that offer protective coating.


Vinyl flooring is fixed by gluing. Vinyl can be manufactured in a number of colors.

Other types of flooring include